$1200 Trading Challenge

Did you every want to trade and see how you measure up against others? And not the market?

By opening a $200 trading account with us you have that opportunity.

Armed with 500:1 leverage, not only do you have the opportunity to profit from your trading, you get the added incentive of WINNING $1,200.



Anyone that enters the competition the first week of the month has chance to trade and accumulate profits to the end of the month.

We look at the Account Equity and whoever has the highest amount - wins.

Of course, the race can be close, and to be fair, the winner has to win by $10.  If not there will be a tie and the profits split.

What is more, we will send you - at no cost - Cliff Wachtel's -our Resident Goo-roo's Book.


Cliff Wachtel's Guide to Forex


Clients that are interested in reading this well reviewed book can have it at no cost when they initially start with a $500 account.

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