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The Original 400% Bonus Offer -


The BEST trading program in Forex - 


1 Year Anniversary


The offer is the largest running bonus in the industry that you can use on every deposit.  

And it keeps getting better!

This offer is designed for the trader that

  • Views trading as an investment with a longer term payout
  • Wants more Opportunities to Succeed (You can make a lot more mistakes)
  • Someone testing out strategies and/or Social Trading 
  • Interested in being part of a Trading Room and doing this for a living



For Deposits Less than $1,000 we issue a 300% Bonus

This bonus is available with a deposit as small as $25 

We started this offer to give the small guy a chance and have never changed that goal.

Below are examples of deposits and what you can trade with:

Deposit $25 - 300% Bonus - $75 Bonus Issued 

Deposit $250 - 300% Bonus - $750 Bonus Issued

Deposit $500 - 300% Bonus - $1,500 Bonus Issued 


For Deposits More than $1,000 we issue a 400% Bonus

Deposit $1,000 - 400% Bonus- $4000 Bonus Issued
Deposit $5,000 - 400% Bonus- $20,000 Bonus Issued
Deposit $10,000 - 400% Bonus- $40,000 Bonus Issued


For Larger amounts, please inquire: support@caesartrade.com



In order to offer this special program, we require a specific trading volume to be met.  We have advertised this offer as joining the largest prop trading room in the world and require a certain commitment by the trader.

The formula is the total bonus issued divided by 10.  

It is not the easiest target to meet, which is why it's a challenge.  But it's also very attainable to traders who have a strategy that is profitable over the course of one to two months.

After a year of running this offer, we noticed that when we receive a certain amount of investment per month we can open up the withdrawal table to everyone using our offer.  

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Trade Conditions (No Broker Provides this Flexibility)

  • Up to 500:1 Leverage - Drops to 200:1 with Equity over $1,000
  • 50% Stop-Out
  • All Forex and CFD Products can be traded at 0.01 Lots
  • You can trade the Bonus - It's Real Money.  
  • Swap-Free Accounts available
  • Low spreads

What you can trade (No Broker Provides this Variety)

From 1:1 Up to 500:1 leverage

  • 61 Forex Currency Pairs
  • Gold & Silver
  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas
  • Corn & Wheat
  • Industrial Metals
  • Futures Market
  • Global Stock Indexes
  • Stocks (US, Europe, UK, India, Japan)

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Use on Web and Mobile or Tablet


Use this Bonus anytime, some of our traders just trade with this offer.

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This is the BEST deal in the Forex Industry.  

If you find anything better that a forex broker offers, we'll give you $100.

To avoid confusion and have 100% confidence in trading with us read the terms and conditions below (before you trade live with us, you will need to accept our terms and conditions which includes what is presented below).

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