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Bonus can be Traded as Equity


Monthly Withdrawals Now Available!


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This is offer is an exclusive trading program that can only be found at CaesarTrade.


Started last year in March 2013, the offer has been growing in popularity as it solves many issues traders have encountered in the past.

It is in fact a $10 per Lot cash rebate that we offer in advance to your trading.

As a result of the large bonus we issue and the purchasing power you control, we require a minimum trading volume before you are allowed to withdraw profits.

The trading program is designed for:

  • Someone NEW and wants to be cautious when starting out
  • Using our Trading Group and Signals.  You have some skin in the game as you follow the financial markets live.
  • Testing out a Trading Strategy multiple times in different Market Environments to see if it actually does work
  • Wants more Opportunities to Succeed.  You can make a lot more mistakes and encounter more drawdown.
  • Great way to build a portfolio of traders using Social Trading 
  • Interested in being part of a Trading Room and doing this for a living.  Allows you to trade in a larger amount than you are used to
  • Reduces a trader's burnout rate as there is enough money to give yourself room to breathe




The Minimum Requirement is a $25 Investment

Deposit $25- 400% Bonus- $100 Bonus Issued
Deposit $500 - 400% Bonus- $2,000 Bonus Issued

Deposit $1,000- 400% Bonus- $4,000 Bonus Issued

For Larger amounts, please inquire: support@caesartrade.com



Here is Why It's the Best Offer in Forex 

Breakdown of the Popular Bonuses in the Industry

Remember Leverage = Buying Power

and you now have ample ability to build a portfolio that suits your strategy.

"Why Should I Open a Real Account 

When You're Giving a 400% Bonus?"


Regular Account Vs. 400% Bonus


Account TypeTerms of BonusWhen Can I Withdraw Profits?Live Trading Group & SignalsWho this Offer is SuitableFor
Regular Accounts

$1 for every 20,000 traded

At anytimeYes

For Experienced Traders.  

Especially for those interested in immediate Payout (We also offer payout cards)

400% Bonus


Only when Bonus volume has been metYes

For new traders, more opportunities to work on their trading

For active traders with a 1 to 2 month timeframe

For longer term trader with a 3-6 month timeframe

Not suitable for investors

Trade Conditions (No Broker Provides this Flexibility)

  • Up to 500:1 Leverage -
  • Drops to 200:1 with Equity over $1,000
  • 50% Stop-Out
  • All Forex and CFD Products can be traded Micro Lots
  • You can trade the Bonus - It's Real Money  
  • Swap-Free Accounts available
  • Low spreads

What you can trade (No Broker Provides this Variety)

From 1:1 Up to 500:1 leverage

  • 61 Forex Currency Pairs
  • Gold & Silver
  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas
  • Corn & Wheat
  • Industrial Metals
  • Futures Market
  • Global Stock Indexes
  • Stocks (US, Europe, UK, India, Japan)

Powered BY MT4

Use on PC, Web and Mobile or Tablet

Use this Bonus anytime, some of our traders just trade with this offer.

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This is the BEST deal in the Forex Industry.  

If you find anything better that a forex broker offers, we'll give you $100.

To avoid confusion and have 100% confidence in trading with us read the terms and conditions below.

To start trading, click HERE


Terms of Offer

1.  The Bonus is Redeemable after the specified volume has been met. 

2.  You cannot withdraw your profits unless Volume requirements are met.

3.  The volume calculation is the bonus granted divided by 10, or Bonus issued / 10 = Lots required for trading.

4.  Limited Time until February 28, 2015:  

For NEW Investments of:

$1,000,  you are entitled to a Monthly Withdrawal of 5% of your profits

$2,500, you are entitled to a Monthly Withdrawal of 10% of your profits

$5,000, you are entitled to a Monthly Withdrawal of 15%  of your profits

$10,000, you are entitled to a Monthly Withdrawal of 20% of your profits

Do the math, this is very lucrative for traders who want monthly income but want to limit their risk

5.  The Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and profits earned from said bonus when it is determined that the client has attempted abusive trading practices in an effort to unfairly take advantage of our 400% offer. Some examples of this include but are not limited to: Individual hedging in a single account; Individual hedging in multiple accounts; Team hedging in multiple accounts; trading in a manner that is obviously meant to only meet the bonus withdrawal volume requirements (i.e. - A trader with a history of trades for average duration of a few days suddenly executes multiple lot trades whose duration is under one minute).

This condition is considered to be accepted by a client starting from the moment of depositing bonus funds to his trading account.



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