We are a small, boutique brokerage and have remained a similar size since we started in 2012 while our client base numbers over 10,000 with active traders of about 450.

Our trading volume on any given month is about 6 billion while the total amount of incentives along with profit taking (withdrawals) is about $6 million dollars.

For the size of our company, we believe we have the largest bonus program in the business and one of the highest payouts (withdrawals), as well, based on the percentage of new investments.

Our website and our offers are not static as we are a proactive company always trying to lead instead of follow - despite our modest size.

We write a lot, in fact, everyday. Some of what we write has been released on major websites and financial press (Marketwatch and Finance Magnates).*

Our goal has been designed to create offers to make your money last longer while always finding technology and financial products as well to make that a reality.

Our management and our technology is very strong and provides a reliable service to forex traders.

Sometimes mistakes occur, but we make every effort to correct this and focus on business.

Many of our innovations in the industry has been copied by our larger brethren which just shows that we know what we are talking about.

Much has been said about our company both positive and negative, what we can say is that we offer you the opportunity to try us out with $25 to see how we operate and provide you a service.

We now have three platforms for you to trade Forex, CFDs, and Options.

Everything that we offer is to encourage profits and profit-taking, have a look yourself, and if you have any questions we are available for you.

We are headquartered in Seychelles and have been in business since 2012.

**Corporate Details**

Phone:+44 13 22250194

CTFC Limited is an International Business Company of St Vincent, license # 22580, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont - P.O.Box 1510, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Payments processed by CTFC Technology and Administration, UK, license # 9758825.  Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, England

Dispute Resolution - Clients can direct their concerns HERE

* Here is a list of some of our more popular articles and releases
1. We wrote an article about Forex bonuses. We are very well known for them. Click HERE
2. We thought hedge funds were disparaging our industry and wrote an article in defense of it. Click HERE
3. After the CHF fall, we wrote an article that was NOT published by FT.com, but was subsequently on Finance Magnates. Click HERE

**We do not solicit business nor provide financial advice. Every service or offer we provide is stated on Caesartrade website(s). It is the trader's responsibility to make the decision whether to use our services or not. We make every effort to be clear and transparent about how we operate.