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Dear Traders,

Recently, I needed to do surgery for a health matter that I have put off for many years. 

As I was exploring the options, there was a new procedure that would make the cutting of the esophagus less invasive. 

In the marketing material I viewed, the testimonial stated: "All cases as an Engineer, I like to adopt early technology...The first smartphone that comes out, the new gaming system, the new.."

I paused a second to say to myself that for my health, I absolutely don't want to be the first to test out new approaches to improve my health. 

My health deserves a proven technique so I can have a better quality of life, as does your trading and financial needs.

When you trade with us, you will be treated with old-fashioned personal service.

New approaches to finance and banking has created unprecedented economic uncertainty, but also an opportunity to gain from the market's volatility.

But this can only occur with a broker that is focused on providing that service to its traders.

The forex company I started uses timeless principles in order to service and handle clients on a global scale

Our formula is simple: Make your money go farther

By offering: Quality Technology, Proven Instruments, Personal Service, Great Incentives, & Useful Information and Ideas

CaesarTrade was founded January 2012 and as we grow, we will be looking to not only increase our global client base but also reflect their trust through strengthening the foundations of our company.


Eric, CEO

Our Locations:

  • Phone +44 20 3608 6283
  • Facsimilie +44 (0)20 3300 7509

Headquarters: 181 Willis St, Te Aro, New Zealand, 6011

Administrative: Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Research: Dayton, USA - San Lino, Italy

Marketing: London, UK

Sales: USA & Philipinnes

Affiliates: London, UK

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