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Bonuses Offers

Here is a list of our Bonus Offers for regular accounts.  We offer a 5 Day Moneyback guarantee on all of our offers.  

Welcome Bonus

Note for Deposits of $3,000, you have the option to always receive a 20% bonus of $600.

DepositRedeemable BonusPercentageOnceAlways


Here are the Terms of our Bonus that helps to clarify what we expect.  To read the terms and conditions of our company, please go HERE



Redeemable Bonus

Redeemable Welcome Bonus

  1. Bonuses are applied to your first deposit into your first regular account with us.  Regular account is any account that is not a part of our Trading Programs.
  2. Bonus will be applied after verification documents are approved 
  3. In order to withdraw your bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum tradingvolume of 20,000 (0.20 lots) base instruments for every $1 bonus within 12 months. You must trade.  If you fail to trade the required amounts with the given time period - your bonus will be cancelled and removed from your account. You can only withdraw the bonus after all the volume needed to claim the full bonus has been fulfilled.

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Try our Service Today and See that we put our Money where our Mouth Is.  

If, for whatever reason, we will issue a full refund within the first 5 days that you funded your account with any of our offers upon request in writing to support@caesartrade.com.  Support will not issue refund without confirmation from you.

*The Moneyback Guarantee is optional.  If you want this option, then we will require 0.05 lots to be traded for every $1 deposited before a withdrawal of profits can occur.  In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, we will require that you acknowledge this fact.

Learn more about Trading Products by navigating our site.  Start yourFX-CFD trading today.  We are proud to provide experienced staff for your assistance.

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