Bonuses Offers & Rebates

  • Here is a list of our competitive Bonus Offers and Rebates for regular accounts.
  • Most competitors offer bonuses that you cannot redeem, if you do want a non-redeemable bonus then please contact us.
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  • For most bank transfers made, we add an additional 10% bonus to your account.

Exclusive to CaesarTrade

Deposit Requirement$25 to $25,000$500
Maximum Bonus Issued (USD/EUR/GBP)$100,000$3,000
Is it Redeemable? 
Offered on Every Deposit
One-Time Offer
Offered Twice
8th Deposit Free
Use Bonus as Equity
Restrictions on Withdrawal
Trading Signals and Analysis
Education & Trading Tools
No Overnight Rate (Swap Free)
5% Savings Account

Traditional Forex Bonuses with Added Benefits (Read Below)

Deposit Requirement$25$501$10,000$25,000
Maximum Bonus Issued (USD/EUR/GBP)$500$2100$5000$15,000
Is it Redeemable?
Offered on Every Deposit
One-Time Offer
Offered Twice
8th Deposite is free
Use Bonus as Equity
Restriction on Withdrawl
Trading Signals ad Analysis
Education & Trading Tools
No Overnight Rate(Swap Free)
5% Savings Acountyesyesyesyes

400% bonus use on every deposit

  1. As stated, when you make a deposit, you'll receive a 400% bonus that you can use on every deposit and trade it as equity.
  2. And when you trade sufficient volume, you can claim the bonus.
  3. For more information, please go to:
How to Withdraw Profits and BonusesTerms of BonusExpected Time for WithdrawalWho this Offer is SuitableForTime it Takes to Claim Bonus
Regular Accounts Within 48 hrsEveryone. Especially for those interested in immediate Payout (we also offer payout cards) 
Redeemable Bonus$1 for every 20,000 tradedWithin 48 hrsWould like an incentive to begin trading and no delays in withdrawing fundsAnytime
400% BonusBonus/103-4 DaysScalper, Day Trader, and Intermediate-Term TraderFor active traders, no more than 1-2 months. For traders that place 2-4 trades a day, you should expect 3-5 months.

Redeemable Bonus Redeemable Welcome Bonus

  • Bonuses are applied to your first deposit into your first regular account with us. Regular account is any account that is not a part of our Trading Programs.
  • Bonus will be applied after verification documents are approved
  • In order to withdraw your bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum tradingvolume of 20,000 (0.20 lots) base instruments for every $1 bonus within 12 months. You must trade. If you fail to trade the required amounts with the given time period - your bonus will be cancelled and removed from your account. You can only withdraw the bonus after all the volume needed to claim the full bonus has been fulfilled.
  • We do not allow hedging and arbitrage of our offer against other brokers and to claim the bonus.
  • We allow hedging and any form of strategy with our STP accounts only.

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