Special Daily Gold Signals and Education Offer

We have been an active participant in the precious metals markets and have actively guided traders through the volatile markets that is often encountered in Gold and Silver.  We are proud to offer this unique service for traders.

What you will Receive$2,500$5,000$7,500
Premium Gold Signals (SMS + Email)
Weekly Commentary
We trade on your behalf, if requested, at no cost.
Store your Profits in Gold with our Secure Vault
1 Free Ounce of Gold

Information on this Offer

The approach presented below has come about from customer demand for daily trading of Gold and Silver. In order to profit in this market, we believe that

You have to observe:

  • Physical Markets, like the AM/PM Fix
  • Futures Markets, like premiums or discounts, in forward months
  • Interest Rates, rising rates tend not to be beneficial to precious metals
  • Oversold/Overbought Conditions, the largest moves occur when there is extreme pessimism and/or optimism
  • Relative Performance against Euro, Copper, Silver – Some of the best trades are done against something that relates to Gold, and not –simply- to the US Dollar.
  • Technical Analysis – Ichimoku, Elliottwave, and Pivot Levels
  • Seasonal Influences Strategy Used Unless there is an unexpected move, we attempt to place our trades in predictable times where market moves tend to occur.

The strategy used attempts to profit from:

  1. Price Targets
  2. Trends that last more than 24 hrs

Money Management

  1. Normally, trades are 0.20 lots at a time. If we feel we have a slight advantage, one pair will be traded at 0.30 lots.
  2. 1 lot orders are placed, normally, at very low risk entry areas and when the market has exaggerated the move in precious metals.


Our approach is clearly defined and objective which is why we are able to email and educate as well as execute trades on the trader’s behalf. But we are often stopped out, which leads, often, to drawdown that is unavoidable in our approach.

From Drawdown to Profits We have found that it takes several weeks for the trader to see a positive outcome.

Gold and Silver are not always the most favorable items to trade daily, but by actively engaging the market, we should be able to capture the big moves that tend to capture the headlines.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.


Eric +1-937-581-4244


To start trading, open an account here: http://www.caesartrade.com/real

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