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MetaTrader 4, or as Tina Turner puts it: "Simply the Best!"

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mt4 trading platform

Why is the MT4 popular and has outlasted many in the FX industry?


Since the 1980s, traders and engineers have created hundreds of trading platforms, but few have survived.  We have gathered a few key reasons as to why the MT4 has stood the test of time, while others have failed.

1) Low-Cost.  The Platform is Free and Brokers don't charge for a practice account.  So a trader now has the flexibility in trying out ideas risk-free.

2) Have a large trader community that is actively involved in communicating how to best use the platform.  A good starting point is simply to click on the HELP section in the platform itself.

3) On that note, like Apple and Amazon, there are a host of sites that offer APPS for the MT4 which make the trader's job easier.  For a list of sites that we like, contact Eric, eric@caesartrade.com

4) Quick and Easy.  There is no upload time with the MT4, double click on the icon and you have immediate access to trading.  The great thing about the mt4 is the notation system and how it stores it effortlessly.  Some traders, admittedly, feel overwhelmed and turn to inferior platforms that seem easy at first, but when requiring more have nowhere to turn.  If you want a platform that can correspond with what you are learning about trading look no further.

5) Create Strategies and Back-Test them.  The cornerstone of the mt4 is its Automated Trading that some call EAs and Robots.  Why? A simple knowledge of programming or buying a Strategy, offered over the internet, gets you immediate access to trading the markets.  And you can even backtest your strategy.

NOW you don't even need to know programming to create an EA since we now offer a service where you can create your own EA and have it hosted on our VPS.  Click Here to learn more.

6) Powerful.  The standard settings contain all the technical indicators and analysis that you may have read about to place trades in the market.  ALSO it contains news updates that keep you abreast of Economic news.

7) Account Statements - A list that presents to you all your open and closed trades in simple to export spreadsheet.

For further information, open an account and see for yourself!

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