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I started this business in January 2012 as result of a difference in philosophy with the majority of leading forex brokers which was widely distributed via the financial news.  That difference is the major reason why you have a greater opportunity to excel in trading with us.

Our philosophy stems from my multi-decade experience in the scrap metal business where personal relationships are important, where we must consider the customers perspective, and always paying promptly.

I have never believed in a call center, nor its mentality of by the numbers salesmanship, that the majority of brokers tend to provide.  You will never talk to someone we aren't confident in his ability to service your account and have your interest and growth in mind.  Does this mean we will recommend and give trading advice?

Another important concept for me is representation.  While we cannot recommend, nor would we want to, that does not mean you cannot access our experience and resources that we spent many years developing.  Or what we simply term ideas.

While the buck stops with me, I am not John Wayne, but Caesar! And Caesar knew how to work with people (if you would like to debate this last comment - drop me an email) .  I firmly believe that it is the people that you surround yourself with and the partnerships that you develop can you only truly grow. 

Our partners, and everyone needs good ones, are the leading players in the industry, education, and trading.

I, and my team, look forward in being of service.

If you would like to talk with me, give me a call or send me an email.  We look forward in having you enjoy trading with us everyday of the year.


Eric Harbor


Eric Harbor, Caesar Trade CEO









Our Team

Eric Harbor, CEO, has been involved in many areas that saw a lot of excitement the past decade: the Metal Recycling industry from bust to boom, Prop Trader in New York as the market made new highs then crashed, and an early participant in the Forex industry as it took off.  

Cliff Wachtel, Director of Market Research, New Media, and Training.  Cliff went from being a succesful Accountant to providing popular financial content on the web.  He is widely read and recently published a book by Wiley Finance, "The Sensible Guide to Forex."

Michael Fried, Senior Vice President, previously involved in managing risk for Hedge Funds and working in the treasury department for a large banking institution.

Clark Lai, Consultant, is a Money Manager for PineBay Capital which focuses on algorithmic trading.

Jacques Joubert, Financial Journalist, is involved in the South African Hedge Fund world. 

Leverate, Prime Broker, one of the leading liquidity providers for forex trader wordwide.  Don't know what a Prime Broker is? Ask us.

White Wave Strategies, The men behind White Wave are trading veterans, and some would say legends, from Chicago.

Gallant VPS, a leader in VPS Hosting, provides our 24hr VPS Hosting for MT4.  Don't have a VPS but still run an EA on your computer? Ask us why it's to upgrade your EA


Our Location

CTFC Limited, trading as Caesar Trade is located at 20-22 Munroe Street, Napier 4110, New Zealand, Company Number 4653250. Further, we are registered in New Zealand a a Financial Service Provider, FSP Number 324226. 


Caesar Trade has two banks that house its capital and accepts deposits and processes withdrawals:

  • Investec Bank
  • Atlas Bank - Croatia

As a provider of Straight-Through-Processing (What is that? Ask Us) Your funds are parked in a regulated account at Commerzbank.  This account is in the name of our Prime Broker, Leverate (A Prime Broker provides liquidity for Forex Broker sfrom Large to Small) and is regulated by the Cyprus regulatory body.  Read below as to Safety of Funds.

Safety of Funds

We employ SSL security on our website for Client protection.

We provide Straight Through Processing.  The counterparty to these trades are the largest institutions in the world.

Our Prime Broker, Leverate, offers regulated Best Bid/Best Offer Straight-through-Processing (STP) with large and deep liquidity.

-CySec license CIF # 160/11

We offer Final-Pay, which is an online way of transferring funds through bank transfer locally. 

If a client has excess funds and would like them segregated and not to trade with, we can provide this upon request. 

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