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Press Releases

As a company that focuses on the Trader and founded by Traders, we feel that our approach to the markets and clients are unique and newsworthy.

We issue about 5 press releases a month on different items that we feel are important to the Financial Community.

Some of our More Popular Releases are:

1) 11,000 Follower on Facebook in 3 weeks

2) Our Argument as to Why a Trader should Focus on the Market, Not the News

3) Traders are using our Analysis to Trade Oil

4) Social Trading is Becoming Popular and How We can Help

5) Why Silver is Poised to Rise

6) Our Solution to Help Avoid Financial Scandals

To Contact Eric Harbor, our ceo and an experienced Trader himself.



f) +1-866-950-2915

Links to Find Us in the Media


1.  Press Releases

Our news releases are picked up globally.  Here is one site that you can find them all.


3.  ForexPeaceArmy

Learn about Eric's customer service and reliable information in his former position

4.  BusinessInsider

Presents Cliff Wachtel's prolific career and accomplishments

5.  Investing and the Irrational Mind by Robert Koppel

Talks about WhiteWave Strategies outlook on handling good and bad times as a trader

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