You must realize that we receive good reviews everyday of the year.

The continuing investments and deposits by new and old clients since 2012 are proof of satisfaction.

Some of  our clients’ investments are profitable while some are not, but the one thing that is similar is that our clients like the way we operate.

We offer three great  platforms on which to trade Forex, CFDs, Binary, and Vanilla Options.

Additionally, we offer bonuses, trading information, managed accounts, and expert advisers that are hard to find and located with one company.

Now, if you are like some who email us occasionally to ask, “Why do you receive so many negative reviews on the Internet?”

Here is our response:

Most negative reviews relate to our bonus offers (now challenges) that are only offered by us.  No one else offers them.

Yet everyone (that is not a client) feels that they know more about what we offer then we do.

And traders who are not satisfied with what we have on offer feed into this to promote a picture that is not true.

Put simply: Traders who do not like the terms of our offers do not need to use them.  

We have STP and Regular trading accounts that they can use instead.

*If they still have a problem, they can seek arbitration which we have offered to clients since 2014.  

Still, traders may want to present what occurred, from their perspective, on a public forum.  

We cannot contribute to this until arbitration occurred and a client agrees to provide us a notarized and apostilled:

1) Photo id

2) Proof of address

3) and limited power of attorney

Remember, if you are getting your information about us from websites that you did not pay to visit, then you might reasonably ask yourself how those sites make money and what their agenda is.

The only time you will receive fair and balanced reporting is if the source of your information is a nonprofit organization or you pay for the information.

As proof, we offered for a while a No Deposit Bonus in which we encouraged traders to take the time to comment on how we operate

on any forex website or forum so we can have the opportunity to show traders how we operate and how we respond to both good and negative issues.

We never asked nor encouraged  traders to make good reviews, but requested they describe their experience working with us.

Unfortunately, and proof of what we just wrote, websites were not interested in hearing legitimate perspectives from those who use our services.

After many months of research, we have created our own Support and Forum website -

where we encourage you to visit.

*Here is another question that traders do not ask us "Do good reviews mean more business and success?"

No, not really.

Usually good reviews attract traders and trading groups that are interested in hedging, exploiting broker data feed, and/or arbitrage.

These are the more vocal participants on the Internet.

Usually, a bad review will help a broker to avoid the bad actors.

But there may be legitimate complaints, but you should ask yourself a few things before passing judgment:
1)    How many comments about Caesar are there? Are these comments actually from current or former traders of Caesar?
2)    Is the trader named “anonymous”? 
3)    If the trader is not anonymous, has this trader contributed to the forum often? 
4)    What is the name and country? Is this a country known for its truthfulness and reliability?
5)    Did the trader state the offer that was used?
6)    Does the trader write clearly and present a clear argument?
7)    Did the trader who complained write the same thing on other Forex websites? Maybe he doesnt want to present a truthful statement but embarass us?
8)    What deposit amount did they put in? Was it a No Deposit Bonus? $100? $100,000?
9)    We have more than 10,000 customers. Take the time to count how many complaints there are and divide the number by 10,000

Before downgrading or writing off a broker,  ask yourself these nine questions so you can compare apples with apples.

Some key facts about Caesar:

  • We have a very high payout ratio
  • We have issued more bonus funds than any broker, and we simply would not be in business if we did  otherwise.  

But each offer has  terms and conditions before we can release profits to a trader.

This is reasonable, as every broker attaches such terms and conditions to their special offers.

If you do not want  extra terms or conditions that can place limitations on release of profits, open a regular STP account with our low spreads and generous leverage and we will pay out that same week.

But let us be clear: If you abuse our Bonus offers (from a No Deposit Bonus to our 400% bonus) through hedging, arbitrage, or data feed manipulation, you are not going to be paid  what you are expecting.

Again, this is not something surprising.

If you think it is, we suggest you look at other brokers’  terms and conditions. They may be long and hard to understand, but they state the same thing that we do.

On the most part, most complaints are best summarized by a headline that we read recently.  

Do you side with him? or the restuarant?