From the busy executive to the trader who hasnt had the best experience trading,

we now offer an exclusive, VIP, package for traders.

Our VIP service has many amenities that can assist the trader and investor in better

maintaining their account and provide better insight and quicker access to the 

financial markets.

Our VIP services provide:

  1. Promotional 1-2 free trades when opening an account
  2. Personal account manager
  3. Phone order support
  4. Trading information and signals
  5. Automated Trading

Terms of this offer:

1.  We do not require a minimum for you to sign up for our VIP service, but it is up to your personal account manager

the time he will spend in working with you

2.  Your personal account manager doesnt charge you for his service directly.  But makes compensation through trading volume generated

3.  Your personal account manager is a 3rd-party company that specializes in this service. We do not offer money manager services.

4.  There is a 1 pip markup to our STP trading accounts