Withdrawal Policy - For those interested please read so you'll understand our approach 

As we wrote in our section about reviews and our customer guarantee section,

we make every effort through incentives, technology, and information to provide you an edge in the marketplace.

But, since, our approach is very different than the majority of brokers in the world we are misunderstood and written off.

As a result, we want to highlight the clients that do withdraw profits but also the clients that we refuse withdrawal too.

And also respond and assist the clients who have lost funds or have written negative comments to us.

All of this takes time, so -in general- your payments will be timely as stated below but we reserve the right to pay in a delayed

fashion so we can share with potential and current traders why are offers work.

What do you get in return?

As our client base grows, we will have more revenue to provide better pricing and better payouts on our trader challenges and regular accounts.

And provide more support and service.

1.  Same-Day Payouts

Requires $5000 minimum deposit
We must be notified that this is your intention, so we provide you a personal account manager that responds to you at most 10 hours per day, 5 days a week

2.  3 - 5 Business Days

For regular or STP trading accounts that is independently managed by you.

Normally, we have the time to review NDB and Challenge accounts.

3.  3 - 5 Business Days (with personal account manager approval)

If you are using our VIP service then it is 3 - 5 business days after you speak to your personal account manager

and we are granted approval by him.

3.  More than 3-5 Business Days

This can occur if you have a Bonus account, or accounts, that take more time for review.

Our policy is to speak to you and make sure everything is clear and understandable to avoid confusion

and have a healthy long term relationship.