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On a trip to UK recently, I met a Money Manger who has been in the markets for over 20 years.  We were talking about our benefits and one of them is our quality information and trading ideas that we present to clients.  He cut me off saying, "Everyone has an opinion, Eric.  Talk is cheap."  It took a moment to respond, but respond I did by saying "When I say something, I actually put money on it."

But it does pay to reflect on the responses that we have received from prospective clients over the past year when we brought up our quality products and services.  And it did appear that many considered us just another Forex Broker with gimmicks to drum up business.  While I have always strived to find meaningful offers that can provide opportunities for the trader.  The same restrain kept popping up about the depth of our products, the quality of our service, and how useful this information can truly be.

Then it struck me (more like my stomach) when we were hungry and passed a Fish n Chips restaurant ...

Before I continue, Let me ask: What's wrong with this picture?

What I found wrong with this picture is the same issue that I was confronting: "Who says you are Famous for..."

Hungry as I was at the time, I hesitated going inside because if you have been to London, every fish n chips joint is famous yet they all taste alike.  Nothing differentiates one from another.  Maybe on taste, possibly on price.  But what's the price worth if you get a stomach ache afterwards.

Then it struck me that this restaurant should guarantee its quality.

As I am about to do for you with our services.

Over Skype, I shared this Guarantee with the money manager who was skeptical since most traders lose.  But I responded that this is not the case.  Most NEW traders take their trading seriously and are cautious and tend to profit.  It is only after a few days or weeks that cautiousness is replaced on a focus on profits.  When that occurs, the slippery slope begins.

Whether it's simply trading yourself, using our information, or using our VPS we want you to know that we are looking for a long term relationship with you and can feel confident that your trades and are being respected.  What we offer is:

Lifetime Guarantee on your First-Deposit up to $10,000.

What are the terms?

Minimum $500 deposit.

No trade can be over 10% of equity.  We just can't compensate a trader who goes all in.  Because you are either right or wrong.  For that type of trading we do offer the 400% bonus that is very popular with the gung-ho crowd.

The most important term is that you can ask for your initial deposit back.  If you withdraw or make a further deposit, that shows both of us that you like our service and want to continue and the guarantee expires.

There is a markup on your fx-cfd trading.  Why the markup? These fees are to cover the expenses of providing our Lifetime Guarantee which is important to many new traders Withdrawal will be given upon receipt of proper verification documents: Photo ID, Proof of Residence and a Copy of Credit Card.

The offer is not valid for Referrals and Money Managers or Traders that have been offered a Bonus; unless special arrangements have been made.

We are offering this for a Limited Time and expect to no longer offer this by February.  The Demand has grown and we believe we will extend for at least one more month.

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